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Adam is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Adam owns and operates 3 privately held companies and has built millions of dollars in revenue for his clients and agents in the financial services industry. With over two decades of experience, Adam has directly consulting for sales divisions of INC 5000 to Fortune 500 companies. His expertise in the global life insurance market, annuity and investment knowledge has made him a highly sought-after professional and thought leader.

Adam’s greatest passion is building leaders and successful entrepreneurs, to-date he has mentored dozens of start-up founders and has created over $500M in value. Finally, when not enjoying life globe trotting Adam participates in the largest organic produce markets in the world. He owns a sustainable organic companies in Peru and other countries in South America.

I have known Adam Farfan for many years.
He has always been very generous towards me and has been a giver during the entire time I’ve known him.
He is a gifted entrepreneur who has built an incredible financial services business as he has created lots of value for thousands of people
Which that has given him a lifestyle that most could only dream of.
I’ve learned a lot from Adam, and I’m sure he can be a great asset to you and your business as well.

Larry Benet

Forbes Magazine most connected guy in the planet and Founder and CEO of SANG

Adam is a world class entrepreneur that always over delivers. I have worked with him on a number of different deals and they have all become winners! If you get the opportunity to work with him I highly recommend it!

Bill Walsh

CEO/Founder Powerteam International

Adam Farfan is not just a financial genius, he’s a financial wizard. I’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with Adam several times, and I learn something new from him every time I listen to him. If you want to maximize your investments and step into your best financial future, I highly recommend learning from Adam!”

Noah St. John

Inventor of AFFORMATIONS® and Founder of Power Habits® Academy

The thing i appreciate most about Adam is his almost mystical ability to think and Believe Big. And more than that, his ability to transfer that to influence everybody who comes in contact with him

John Madsen

Ex-Pro -Athlete for Raiders and Founder and CEO of Athletic AF

33 days to to master money and become an online wealth executive

Adam is a happy guy who has passion to helping others and just wants people to do well. He’s someone you don’t meet often and will inspire you to always do better.​

Chad Boseman

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